Secure gas

A proposal for a revised European regulation on security of gas supply has been provisionally agreed by MEPs. Essentially the objective is to minimise the impact of any potential disruption in gas supply by improving cooperation between Member States. As well as more generic promotion of regional cooperation it is proposed that there should be mandatory regional preventive action plans[...]

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Standby reduction?

The Ecodesign review study on the Standby Regulation published its draft final report earlier this year and comments were sought before the end of April. The study concludes that the Regulation has been effective: its ambition was appropriate and compliance has been high. But (of course) there is room for improvement. So, the report also contains suggestions for other product[...]

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Looking smart

The Ecodesign Preparatory Study on Smart Appliances (Lot 33) has just published its final report on Tasks 1-6. Task 7 will be the policy and scenario analysis. As we have previously reported this has been a diffuse and ever-changing discussion. The Study began with a rather vague idea of what “smart” should mean and has tried to identify how to[...]

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Durability again

A report on developing longer product lifetimes was recently debated by the European Parliament’s IMCO Committee. This one only had 225 amendments tabled. The debate reflected the divergent views on other legislative proposals, such as the contract law mentioned above. It is suggested that while the Directive for on-line sales could keep the two-year limit on claiming as a baseline,[...]

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