How long is a lifetime?

In the past, there have been several unilateral attempts by different Member States to try and address a public perception that “things don’t last as long as they used to”. On 4 July, the European Parliament Plenary voted in favour of a Resolution on a longer lifetime for products. This could eventually lead to legislation but at the moment they[...]

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Data protection and privacy

The new European Data Protection Regulation is already in force and takes effect in May 2018. It was intended that a new ePrivacy Regulation would take effect at the same time and would ensure respect for private life, confidentiality of communications and the protection of personal data in the electronic communications sector. Though it also aims to guarantee the free[...]

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Product liability

The European Commission is in the throes of evaluating Directive 85/374/EEC on liability for defective products. They are analysing responses to their public consultation and replies to interviews with various stakeholders. The plan is to gather as much information as possible relating to the application of the Directive to traditional products, in order to determine whether it can also be[...]

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Circular economy

AMDEA attended a Defra stakeholder meeting to discuss the European Parliament’s desire for even more stringent waste targets than were originally proposed by the Commission. There are still significant differences of opinion on the achievability and even desirability of some of the more ambitious proposals. Defra is optimistic that the UK could achieve the proposed targets, though some stakeholders think[...]

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