AMDEA committees

AMDEA has two main committees: the Technical Committee and the Consumer Group, which are supported by a range of Panels.

The Consumer Group holds meetings at intervals to deal with consumer-facing issues such as the Register My Appliance Campaign and promotion of new energy labels.

The Technical Committee is currently meeting three times a year at the same time as the Small Appliances Panel and focuses on all technical aspects of our industry – mainly the legislation and standards related to safety, performance, EMC, chemicals and environmental impact.

The Spares and Service Panel is a separate group that meets regularly to consider after-sales issues.

AMDEA also has product-specific Panels that discuss issues specific to certain categories and other horizontal Panels which deal with wider issues such as WEEE.

AMDEA also convenes focus groups which cut across these Panels to discuss specific issues and/or consultation response that apply to the industry as a whole.

AMDEA also holds Briefing events and Workshops for members to which we invite external speakers.


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