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Committees & Working Groups

AMDEA has two main committees: the Technical Committee and the Consumer Group, which are supported by a range of Panels.

The Consumer Group holds meetings at intervals to deal with consumer-facing issues such as the Register My Appliance Campaign and promotion of new energy labels.

The Technical Committee is currently meeting three times a year at the same time as the Small Appliances Panel and focuses on all technical aspects of our industry – mainly the legislation and standards related to safety, performance, EMC, chemicals and environmental impact.

The Spares and Service Panel is a separate group that meets regularly to consider after-sales issues.

AMDEA also has product-specific Panels that discuss issues specific to certain categories and other horizontal Panels which deal with wider issues such as WEEE.

AMDEA also convenes focus groups which cut across these Panels to discuss specific issues and/or consultation response that apply to the industry as a whole.

AMDEA also holds Briefing events and Workshops for members to which we invite external speakers.

Technical Committee

Chair: Paul Wright, Miele

AMDEA Owner: Robert Gosling

Recent Outcomes:

– Set overall technical priorities for AMDEA (Safety, EMC, Environment, Cyber security, standardisation, Brexit.)

– Identified technical solutions to mitigate fire safety risk.

– Delivered data improvement on statistics for fire incidents.

– Working collaboratively with BEIS (EuP) and OPSS to ensure better and more effectvie standards and regulation.

– Developed AMDEA position on cybersecurity.

– Led on industry consultation responses.

– Highlighted need for co-ordination on designated standards

Current Priorities:

– Sector requirements relating to Safety, EMC, Environment, Cyber Security, Standardisation and EU Withdrawal.

– REUL (Revocation & Reform) Bill

– WEEE and other Waste reviews

– UK Chemical legislative reviews

– Maintaining/ Leading on active stakeholder engagement and relationships (e.g. OPSS, LFB, ESF, Defra, DCMS, EST, WRAP).

– Identify better sources for data collection(both members and stakeholders).

– Ensuring UK position and influence on EU Directives (via APPLiA and CEN-CENELEC).

– Identifying likely areas of UK/GB regulatory divergence and setting for/ against arguments and lobbying position.

Consumer Group

Chair: Ian Moverley - Whirlpool

AMDEA Owner: Paul Hide 

Recent Outcomes:

– Two campaigns: Heroes in the Home. Promoting the roll that appliances play in our day to day home living and working.

– Launched new AMDEA website and social media channels.

– Increase household registrations of appliances, aiding information collection in the event of an appliance service/ safety notification.

-Pitch for RMA funding from OPSS, no AMDEA only funded RMA day. Member data on registrations captured via RMA (evidence of success is absolute requirement to secure OPSS funding.) Gather data on industry safety statistics with objective of building positive industry narrative on reduction of incidents.

– Increase levels of small appliance recycling. Joint partner in the ‘Recycle Your Electricals’ campaigns.

Current Priorities:

-Oversee delivery of four campaigns: RegisterMyAppliance; Circular Economy; New Energy Labels/Eco Design; ‘Heroes in the Home.

-Gather data on industry safety statistics with objective of reducing the number of incidents.

– Implement partnerships that amplify industry messages.

-Collaborate with stakeholders to promote responsible recycling.

-Promote the increased importance of Appliances in the home: delivering a consumer narrative relating to how appliances make our lives easier and more productive.

Spares & Service Panel

Chair: Rob Dymond, Beko

AMDEA Owner: Heidi Ranscombe

Recent Outcomes:

– Published Code of Practice relating to professional repairers.

– Developed workstreams addressing policies relating to the repair, reuse and durability of appliances, including through engagement with UK and European industry speakers.

– Supported HEEST (the Household Electronic and Electrical Service Training Forum).

Current Priorities:

– Improve product sustainability through engagement with policy and market initiatives on access to repair services.

– Promotion and support for industry training and apprenticeship programmes for service/field engineers

– Workstreams addressing service and repair initiatives in the revision of UK and EU eco-design and energy labelling policies.

– Stakeholder engagement through selected invited public and private sector speakers where we want to build greater industry networks and collaboration.

– Stakeholder engagement through selected invited public and private sector speakers where we want to build greater industry networks and collaboration.

Safety Liaison Panel

Chair: Alex Lewis, Electrolux

AMDEA Owner: Daniel Lawson

Recent Outcomes:

– Initiatives to support improved actions/ reductions in risk on fire safety issues relating to wet, cool and dry appliances.

–Continued collaboration with the London Fire Brigade who presented the latest fire incident data to group and covered specifics further to requests from AMDEA.

– Leading development of industry position on indelible appliance marking, aiding easy identification of appliances in situ. Setting up alternative method through Post fire Identification trial with LFB and OPSS

Current Priorities:

– Leading on measures to reduce further fire safety issues relating to wet, cool and dry appliances.

– Gathering member fire incident data on tumble dryers and make collective decisions how to improve on the current tumble dryer standard which WG47 is currently reviewing.

– Accessing & Utilising fire brigade (LFB and regional FRS) reported statistics and anecdotal evidence on household fire incidents via active engagement and participation of BEIS/ OPSS and Home Office. Data to be used to improve on the current tumble dryer standard

–  Complete post fire identification trial and share results

– Active participation in annual UK fire safety campaign weeks, supporting better householder information on home electrical safety.