American Trade

Following its decision to impose tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels at the beginning of the year, the USA then decided to impose swingeing import duties on steel and aluminium, claiming national security as a justification.

In March they announced that the latter tariffs would be postponed for several countries, including the EU, until 1 May. South Korea, Australia, Brazil, and Argentina were then granted permanent exemptions, but the tariffs were imposed on Canada, Mexico, and the EU.

The EU has published a list of proposed retaliatory tariffs, the first of which will apply from 20 June 2018. As well as a range of metal products, clothing and food, a number of domestic appliances are also listed. Various battery types and lamp parts appear too.

The UK Minister of State for Trade Policy has expressed UK Government support for this approach, but it is not clear whether the UK would continue to implement the measures in place when we leave the EU or indeed would implement the second tier in 2021.

AMDEA has a copy of the full list, but the appliances mentioned are dishwashers; washing machines; and cookers and hobs (any fuel), though not large cooking appliances.

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