Brexit law

The Möbius loop that is Brexit continues with no imminent prospect of any resolution. There has been an acceleration in the pace of activity in government departments, but the level of clarity is in inverse proportion to the speed. As 29 March looms ever closer this is of increasing concern.

BEIS and other government departments now seem fully focused on the single issue of what might happen in the event of a “no deal Brexit”. This has resulted in a flurry of new Technical Notices in relation to energy-using products; mutual recognition; the New Approach; nominated persons; and the new UKCA marking (replacing the CE marking), transfer of personal data between UK/EU (GPSR), chemicals and various other issues.

Unfortunately the documents were somewhat confusing. At least some appear to have errors, while for others there is no practical way to achieve the stated requirements in the time available. AMDEA is in contact with BEIS to try and correct those where we have expertise, so that businesses have an accurate idea of exactly what to do and when.

HMRC have also issued guidance on extra requirements for companies if the UK becomes a third country from 30 March 2019.

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