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Use your tech

Small changes can make a big difference to your energy and water usage. Knowing Watt’s What can really help your household budget.

Allow all your appliances to achieve the savings they were designed to deliver by using our interactive guide that Unlock Your Savings, Saving Hacks from industry experts that help you plug into the savings and see our simple visual explanation of Why Tech Saves – the science behind some of your appliance savings.


Looking after your appliances, from the moment they’re installed, saves you money and gives your machines a much longer life.

Just follow our expert tips on good care and Maintenance Tips and using your appliance safely.


If anything does go wrong with your appliance, you have access to all the details you’ll need on our handy Spares & Repairs directory.


It’s vital to replace your machines with energy-efficient models when your old appliance comes to the end of its useful life. A 15-year-old fridge, for example, is using double the energy of a new energy efficient model.

Use our Savings Calculator that gives average cash savings for each energy rating and let’s you compare those all-important lifetime running costs.
Of course, it goes without saying that recycling your old model, is a must – click here to find out how.


Do you fancy yourself as an appliance expert? Take our quiz to see how much you know.

Test your saving skills with our quick quiz.


What did this participant – and new dad – learn during the in-home study, conducted by behavioural scientists, looking at how appliances can help cut bills amid the cost-of-living crisis?


Check out expert-led answers to frequently asked questions about energy efficiency and appliances and which important domestic habits you should adopt that will help slash those electricity and water bills.