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Unlock your savings

Small changes can make a big difference to your energy and water usage. Allow all your appliances to achieve the savings they were designed to deliver. Knowing Watt’s What can really help your household budget. Click on the plus signs to discover savings.

Save £30 per year in kwh and water savings just by using the eco mode for every cycle


Save £48 by simply using the eco mode for every load.

Washing Machine

Looking for a new fridge? Choose rating ‘C’ over ‘F’ and you could save over £40 a year. Go to our savings calculator to help make better decisions for your budget.


Using a heat pump dryer instead of a condenser dryer can save you over £100 in running costs over the year.

Tumble Dryer

Cooking your meals in the microwave could save you £60 a year.


Your family could save £92 a year just by ensuring your shower is no longer than 5 minutes.


Running a new vacuum cleaner is saving you more than £8 a year compared to a ten-year-old model which uses twice the power.

Vacuum cleaner

Dust off your coffee machine and be your own barista, it could save you £340 a year.

Coffee machine
Total potential savings £500 a year

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Test your saving skills with our quick quiz.

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Savings Calculator

By comparing average cash savings for each energy rating, our savings calculator shows you how to make better choices within your budget.

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Saving Hacks

More advice from our experts to help you plug into the savings designed into your appliances.

Washing wisely
Cleaning up
Cooking care
Cool ways to save

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