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AMDEA’s Sustainable Revolution from the comfort of your own kitchen

Sustainable choice

Over the last decade, appliance customers have embraced all that high efficiency technology has to offer.

Now 90% of you choose fridge freezers at the top of the energy rating scale and 80% of you buy the most eco-efficient washing machines out there. These are very smart choices! Take fridge freezers, for example, if you purchased a high efficiency model today it uses 40% less energy than the average model in homes a decade ago and will cost just £41, or less, a year to run!

Sustainable tech

As well as being highly efficient, constant innovation in new cutting-edge features make the machines we rely on every day as sustainable as possible, easy to maintain, safe, effective – oh and cost less to run! Surely a blessing as we juggle job, family, friends, activities AND household chores.

So what are these ingenious ‘smart’ features that you will come across when you shop for the perfect appliance…

The Wifi connection
Wifi connectivity on dishwashers, washing machines and fridges which allow you to control the appliance from the comfort of your smartphone and receive alerts about
your appliances.

Silence is golden
Spin cycles and dishwasher programmes with advanced silent technology to give you
the peace and quiet you deserve.

Hygiene on the frontline
Advanced programmes that give your clothes and dishes professional levels of hygiene at home.

Energy know-how
Sensor-operated dryers, knowing exactly when to switch off when your clothes dry.

Perfect dose
Smart washing machine that knows the precise dosing and dispenses the perfect amount of detergent.

Tackle waste
Fridges that use intelligent technology to keep your food fresh for longer and washing machine programmes that are specially designed to protect fabrics (combatting fabric waste).

House of Savings

Sustainable appliances

60% less water

17% less electricity

Source: APPLiA

In-use savings

80% of washing machines sold are the most efficient models. 90% of fridges and freezers sold are the most efficient models.

Sources: Zenith, AMDEA Members


For every 3 large appliances bought in the UK, 2 are recycled. The UK is one of the highest
performers in Europe.

Sources: Eurostat, EA, AMDEA Members

Sustainable life
Save carbon

Today’s most popular fridge-freezer consumes 40% less energy than the average model
in homes a decade earlier.


Light up half the UK!

Replacing all the fridge freezers running in in our homes in 2019 with at least a modestly efficient* model would have saved enough energy to light up half the streets in the UK.
* Based on an A+ fridge freezer, Sept 2020


Save £££s

Buying today’s most popular fridge freezer would save £300 in running costs over the decade, compared to the average model used in 2010.

Sources: AMDEA, EST

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