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Register My Appliance

This consumer safety initiative aims to encourage more people to register their appliances, to improve ownership data in case a safety repair is needed.

The AMDEA Register my appliance web portal offers owners a simple way to register all of the appliances they have acquired within the last twelve years. The portal provides access to the product registration pages of over 60 leading brands of domestic appliances, including most of the UK’s top selling brands of major white goods.

All AMDEA members are backing this drive to improve the traceability of products, as an essential element to facilitate the recall process.

AMDEA works to promote the initiative nationwide, with support from organisations such as Electrical Safety First, Trading Standards and the Fire Services, including the 46 fire and rescue authorities across England and the Fire Services in Scotland and Wales.

A YouGov survey carried out by AMDEA in December 2018 found that, of 170 million large white goods in use in UK homes, less than a third (31%) were registered when bought and two thirds (67%) of people have never registered an older appliance. This means owners are leaving themselves untraceable if a recall is needed.

Representing over 85% of all small and large domestic appliances sold in the UK, AMDEA aims to give impetus to a crucial initiative that can be taken up by all engaged in the supply of domestic appliances, along with all of those agencies and organisations committed to consumer safety.

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