Food Waste Trials

AMDEA attended an open evening in Upper Rissington where residents were invited to learn more about the local food waste disposer (FWD) trials.

Their new housing development was one of the sites allocated funding by the Local Government Association to participate in a research project with Sheffield University. This is part of a wider UK study on the impact of food waste on the sewer system. Similar studies are being conducted around the world.

The theory is that adding food waste to the existing sewerage system increases the amount of biogas and other materials that can be recovered from waste. It also ensures that food waste does not end up in landfill where it contributes methane to global warming. And the local authority would no longer have to spend money on kerbside collection with lorry movements contributing to global warming.

The findings of the Upper Rissington project will eventually be listed with the other research on AMDEA’s FWD website.

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