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Circular Economy

European trade association APPLiA has launched a new Circular Appliances website, which can be accessed here.

The site covers all aspects of circular appliances, including raw materials, design and production, use and consumption, up to repair and, finally, to recycling and recovery.

The home appliance sector has been keeping track of the results achieved over the years and makes them available to the public on this website.

As in the UK, the European Commission is accelerating activity relating to consultations and regulatory reviews that impact our industry. AMDEA remains engaged on all workstreams to ensure that, as a priority, we look to keep the UK and EU regulation and standards aligned, or mitigate the impact where divergence is either unavoidable or beneficial.

All key information and calls for input are shared with our member groups through the AMDEA team. Current active work streams include:

  •  Eco-design Directive Review
  •  Sustainable Product Initiative
  •  Extended Producer Responsibility
  •  Digital Product Passport
  •  Electronic Waste Reduction
  •  Climate Change Industry Action Plan/ pathway towards Net Zero
  •  Energy Labelling

If you require further information on the European activity for any of these topics, please speak to your AMDEA representative.