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The UK’s exit from the EU and the political decision to diverge from EU laws has resulted in significant changes to cross border trading, probably the greatest for more than 40 years. The UK Government placed specific requirements on UK based producers, importers and distributors from 1 January 2021. Northern Ireland has its own specific requirements in accordance with the Protocol attached to the UK EU Withdrawal Agreement. And the joint legacy legislative framework continues to evolve, separately, within the EU as well as GB.

The work involved in representing this industry, clarifying the changes, the impact of these changes and lobbying for an environment that enables smooth business trading remains a core AMDEA priority. Our members benefit hugely from the resource and expertise that AMDEA dedicates to this critical topic. And from our cooperation with APPLiA, the association that advocates for the industry’s interest in the EU. If you are in business in the UK you will be affected. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you navigate these complex and critical changes to the way you will do business in the GB, in Northern Ireland and trading cross border with EU member states.