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Legislation and Standards

AMDEA is committed to working with its members to ensure that proposed Government regulation relating to the appliances industry is proportionate and effective and, most importantly, works in the best interest of the appliance owner.

Product legislation has historically been set at an EU level and then transposed into UK law. Now that the UK has left the EU, we can expert some areas of legislation to be different in the UK than the EU. AMDEA are working hard to ensure that divergence does not create technical barriers to trade, increasing costs for manufacturers and customers nor restricting the flow of product onto the UK market. Our priority is to work with policy-makers to ensure UK consumers can still access the best of the appliances on the market. AMDEA focuses on legislation related to safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental protection.  Of these, the laws to protect the environment cover energy consumption, chemical use and end of life (disposal and recycling) arrangements.

Standards cover all aspects of modern day life, but AMDEA focuses on those supporting UK and European legislative requirements, such as safety, EMC, environment and performance.

AMDEA is also active in discussions on market surveillance policy and enforcement.  The UK is now responsible for these in its own territory. AMDEA maintains strong links with the relevant UK Government Departments who have both legal and civil measures at their disposal. We also work with our partners within the EU to ensure harmonisation of standards where this is beneficial to the appliance owner and user.