Timeline Of Key Dates

With most large appliances now rated A+ to A+++, improvements in energy efficient technology have prompted a rescaling of the energy ratings. The following are the key dates for the introduction of the new labels.

1 November 2020

New labelling process starts

Both old and new energy labels to be supplied in the box.

Depending on stocks new labels may be included slightly earlier.

1 January 2021

UK/EU transition period ends

The new labels in the box will start to carry a Union Jack, instead of an EU flag.

All other features of new labels maintained.

1 March 2021

New labels consumer launch date

Only new labels to be supplied to customers, displayed instore and online.

1 December 2021


Products originally placed on the market before 1 November 2020, subsequently discontinued, will only contain an old label and cannot be sold beyond this date.