Energy standards

AMDEA technical manager, Richard Hughes convenes the group which has developed standards to support the Standby and External Power Supplies Regulations.

AMDEA has also responded to a UK Government consultation on CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Target) – an obligation for energy suppliers to demonstrate how they have reduced household energy use – and on the proposed ‘Green Deal’.

New Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations for for large white goods will take effect in March 2021, with new energy labels appearing in shops from 1 November 2020.  AMDEA continues to comment on proposals for labels on other products both through direct responses to UK Government Departments and indirectly to the European Commission via APPLiA.

In 2019, AMDEA responded to UK Government consultations on ‘cybersecuirty and a new European Cybersecurity Act came into force.

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