As well as legislation to require products to be safe (such as the Low Voltage Directive and the Gas Appliances Regulation), there are the General Product Safety Regulations which specify how companies must monitor the ongoing safety of their appliances, including how to deal with any safety issues that arise.  In addition to Europe-wide guidance from Prosafe, in the UK there is a BSI Publicly Available Specification – PAS 7100 PAS 7100: 2018 Consumer product safety related recalls and other corrective actions:

European legislation is supported by standards and AMDEA staff and members are heavily involved in developing and revising these standards both in BSI committees and working groups and in the European Standards Bodies such as CENELEC and the international ones such as IEC.

Safety standards are increasingly agreed at an international level and then transposed nationally. For appliances the key safety objectives are protecting consumers (and their families and pets) from injury, with electrocution, fire, exposure to chemicals and radioactivity the main hazards to address.

There is a particular concern for vulnerable people: such as the young, the elderly and those with disabilities. So recently amended standards include reductions in the temperatures of accessible services, awareness of so-called ‘child appealing’ products, and enhanced food safety.

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