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Social media assets – Know Watt’s What Autumn 2023

Here you will find the social media assets for our Know Watt’s What campaign. These videos can be shared on social media and highlight that choosing and using eco features and tech on appliances, as well as maintaining them and replacing them wisely once they’ve come to the end of their useful life, can potentially save households hundreds of pounds a year, as well as fulfilling their aspiration to contribute to Net Zero and reduce their carbon footprint.

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If you have any bespoke requests please call Dee Fernandes, Philippa Dovar or Moira Whittle at the AMDEA Press Office on 020 7722 9034 or by email:

Suggested copy for social media videos:

Use eco button post

The eco cycle on your washing machine or dishwasher saves money by using a lower temperature, and less water too. What’s not to love? Give it a go: save yourself some £££s and help the planet too!

Use microwave post

You can use your microwave to do so much more than just heat a bowl of soup. Explore your microwave and its energy efficiency! Don’t forget to keep it clean so it works as well as it can for you!

Maintain appliances post

Keeping your appliances in tip top condition helps them help you. Descaling machines that heat water – washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, coffee machine – avoids limescale build-up so they work efficiently and last longer.

Repair appliances post

Odd noises from your appliance may mean it needs adjusting. Look after your appliances to help them help you and for best efficiency. If you need a repair, use approved parts and a qualified repairer.

Replace with high-rated appliance post

Replacing an appliance? Buy as high up the rating scale as poss to get the most efficient machine. New machines are more efficient, older ones tend to use more power.

Replace with heat pump dryer

Heat pump tumble dryers use up to a half the energy of other types. To save on running costs ensure you buy heat pump: they use less energy by recycling warm air for clothes drying.