Lets look at standby (again)

The European Commission has launched a review study of the horizontal regulation on Ecodesign requirements for electric power consumption on standby/off and networked standby modes. The study is looking at Regulation 1275/2008 and its four amendments, including the most recent which incorporated network standby and coffee machines.

Work started in the summer and is due to finish in June 2016.

Some of the aspects that may be considered are another assessment of the scope; data collection on sales volumes, state of technology, energy consumption, potential for future energy savings, costs of implementing any future technologies; and potential misunderstandings for market surveillance.

It is also suggested that the clarity of the text could be improved and that there may be scope for better alignment of the provisions for standby/off-mode and networked standby and more consistency with other Regulations and Voluntary Agreements.

Full details of the study can be found on the dedicated website.

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