AMDEA briefing

AMDEA held another of our Member Briefing events this month. It offered an overview of the next round of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations, outlining the key differences between the new and existing Regulations. More details are being supplied in our monthly TechNews bulletins. We had three sets of external speakers. Defra came to speak briefly about their Resources and[...]

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Chemical Brexit

In the event of a “no deal Brexit”, EU suppliers in the UK will become importers from a third country. There will also be a host of additional and/or duplicate requirements for businesses that trade in the UK and EU. One such is that UK businesses that manufacture or import chemicals will have to register under UK REACH (Registration, Evaluation,[...]

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Consumer law changes

Regular readers will remember the two proposals for new Directives, one for contracts for online and other distance sales of goods, the other for contracts for the supply of digital content. In order to ensure that consumer rights are aligned for face-to-face and distance sales there will also be changes to the Sale of Goods Directive. Assuming that the UK[...]

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The voluntary EU Ecolabel has not been as effective or as popular as its proponents had hoped. There has been a recent review which looked at market context, including sector-specific consumers’ attitudes to “green” products; which product groups were already covered by the Ecolabel or other similar schemes; and the scope for the label to help in the promotion of[...]

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