Remarkably, it is now more than three years since AMDEA launched Register My Appliance. In that time we have increased consumer awareness of the desirability of informing manufacturers that you have one of their products, and attracted a lot of support from a vast range of stakeholders and allies. Our move to a mobile-optimised homepage last year made it even[...]

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AMDEA workshop

At the end of last year’s sell-out event (actually it was free, but we did have to turn people away) looking at recent recalls we have known, members asked for a follow-up workshop on risk assessment. We ran this earlier in the year as a half-day session following a morning Briefing event with speakers from the Office for Product Safety[...]

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New UK safety strategy

The Office for Product Safety and Standards has published Strengthening national capacity for product safety: Strategy 2018-2020. This document outlines what they are already doing and what they are planning over the next two years to improve the safety of non-food products in the UK. From our industry’s perspective, AMDEA hopes that the Office will be able to improve public[...]

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International standards

Every year the Intentional Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) holds an annual general meeting, where all their technical committees meet. As an international standards body, the venues for these meetings vary from country to country – last year they were in Russia, this year in Korea and next year they will be in China. About 80% of CENELEC standards are either word-for-word[...]

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