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Product Sectors

The domestic appliance industry is large and dynamic with several appliances present in almost every home in the country. It is also international, with some companies siting their research and development arms in the UK, others marketing or manufacturing here and some partnering with distributors to provide their imported products to the end user.

The UK electrical appliance industry (large & small appliances) was estimated to have revenues of over £10.0bn (at retail/etail) in 2022 in the UK alone. Over 17 million large domestic appliances and 67 million small domestic appliances were estimated to have been sold in the UK in 2022.

Every home in the UK is likely to have at least one domestic appliance, many have a ten or more. UK Household penetration of a fridge or fridge freezer is over 98%, a floor care product over 90%, a washing machine over 88%, a coffee machine over 63% and a dishwasher over 44%. We’re seeing a growth in energy efficient cooking appliances such as Microwave Ovens, Air Fryers and Slow Cookers. Electric showers are a good example of very energy efficient routes to showering and can save considerable sums of money versus heating the same volumes of water via a gas fired boiler. The small appliance sector has enjoyed recent growth through appliances supporting premium home coffee brewing, personal care and air purification. Householders keep their large appliances for, on average, between 10 and 15 years before purchasing a replacment.

(Data supported by Euromonitor, Jan 2023).

The industry prioritises safety and AMDEA’s Register my Appliance initiative aims to encourage registration, improving ownership traceability data for the estimated 130 million large appliances in UK homes, helping to ensure that they can be located in the very rare event of a safety intervention or recall. Visit or Register My Appliance site at: Check out our safety repair and recall list.