Register My Appliance Day 2019

Another success story for AMDEA’s Register My Appliance. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of our allies, especially on social media, we achieved our best ever performance.

This year’s survey asked about ownership of appliances, including how many households have multiple cold or wet appliances; where they keep them; and how well they look after them.

The good news is that a third of respondents had registered their appliances. The not so good is that people generally pay little or no attention to their large white goods, even though they expect them to last a very long time!

We have added this new data to the findings from our November survey for International Product Safety Week last year. This showed that half of all large white goods purchases are now on-line.

Worryingly people claim to spend more time choosing a pair of shoes than they do weighing up the pros and cons of a new appliance. And happily buy from unknown sellers as long as they offer the cheapest product.

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