Remarkably, it is now more than three years since AMDEA launched Register My Appliance.

In that time we have increased consumer awareness of the desirability of informing manufacturers that you have one of their products, and attracted a lot of support from a vast range of stakeholders and allies. Our move to a mobile-optimised homepage last year made it even easier to register, at least for smartphone owners.

But we are conscious that there are variations in the consumer experience of registration, even via RMA, and that telephone callers may not be getting the same message from companies as their on-line visitors.

So AMDEA’s new Consumer Group is now looking at how we can make it even easier to register older appliances, as well as assessing the potential for technological solutions for the future.

We know that everyone tidied up their IT systems to ensure compliance with the new data protection legislation that came into force in May this year.

Companies are now better placed to segment their data so that consumers can be confident that their data is being safely and securely stored for the purposes for which it was collected. We hope that this confidence will encourage more people to see product registration as a sensible precaution.

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